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Retired Faculty

 Ching-Yang Cheng
Office:              ; Phone: 
Email: cycheng@stust.edu.tw
Research Interests:
Heat and mass transfer, Finite time thermodynamics
 Yang-Hsien Lee
Associate Professor
Office:            ;  Phone: 
E-mail: yslee@stust.edu.tw
Research Interests: 
Manufacturing Process, Soldering Technology, Microstructure and Mechanical Property Analysis of Materials
 Tsung-Lin Wu
Associate Professor
Office: R202-2; Phone: 886-6-2533131 Ext. 3556
E-mail: wutl@stust.edu.tw
Research Interests:
Composite Materials, Analysis and Judgment Vehicle Accidents, Vehicle Technology
 Li-Po Lin
Associate Professor
Office:             ; Phone: 
Email: lb4216@stust.edu.tw
Research Interests: 
Micro-contact Mechanics, Finite Element, Fluid Machinery, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics