Li-Po Lin


Associate Professor




886-6-2533131 Ext. 3526





Ph D., National Cheng Kung University

Research Interests

Micro-contact Mechanics, Finite Element, Fluid Machinery, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics


Thermal & Fluid Lab. (K005)



Journal Papers

  1. Lin, L.P., and Lin, J. F., 2007, ¡¨An Elliptical Elastic-Plastic Microcontact Model Developed for an Ellipsoid in Contact With a Smooth Rigid Flat,¡¨ ASME J. of Tribology, 129, pp. 772-782. (SCI)

  2. Lin, L.P., and Lin, J. F., 2006, ¡¨A New Method for Elastic-Plastic Contact Analysis of a Deformable Sphere and a Rigid Flat,¡¨ ASME J. of Tribology, 128, pp. 221-230. (SCI)

  3. Lin, L.P., and Lin, J. F., 2005, ¡§An Elastoplastic Microasperity Contact Model for Metallic Material,¡¨ ASME J. of Tribology, 127, pp. 666-672. (SCI)


Conference Papers

  1. Lin, L.P., and Lin, J. F., 2006, ¡§The Effect of Geometric Shape and Poisson¡¦s Ratio of Material on the Contact Area of Two Solids at the Inception of Yielding,¡¨ the 23rd National Academic Conference of Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers, Yungkang, Tainan, A6-013, pp. 402-407.

  2. Lin, L.P., and Lin, J. F., 2004, ¡§An Asperity Microcontact Model Developed for the Determination of Elastoplastic Deformation Regime and Contact Behavior,¡¨ Conference on Tribology and Material Technology, Huwei, pp. 96-104.


  Honors and Awards

  1. National Design and Manufacture Competition on Application System of Micro-computers, Robot and Automatic Machinery Group, Superiority Award, 1992.


   Professional Certificates

  1. Certificate of Mechanical Engineer, Yuan of Examination, Taiwan, 1982.

  2. Technician certificate of Class B in mechanical drawing, Taiwan, 1996.