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The Department has more than thirty research laboratories, grouped into research areas― Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Materials, Solid Mechanics, Thermo-fluids and Energy, and Automatic Control. The main facilities of each laboratory are listed by research areas.


Field Emission Gun Transmission Electron Microscope (FEG-TEM)

A new, world leading, field emission gun transmission electron microscope (FEI, TECNAI G2 F20) was set up in our nanotechnology research center. It provides high brightness and atomic scale resolution in a nano-sized beam diameter. The instrument equipped with a scanning system (HAADF), EDAX spectrometer and an advanced computer control system which affords high reliability and clear results. This supports the research in the fields of nano materials, semiconductor, chemistry, electronics and electrical engineering.




Daily calibration and operation of a 200 kV field-emission-gun transmission electron microscope by Professor S. C. Wang.