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Educational Goals


The department is devoted to the education and study of mechanical engineering by building up a sustainable environment with innovative thinking, professional capabilities. We aim to cultivate students with respectable manners and a strong work ethics to serve society.

Educational Goals

  1. We aim to cultivate mechanical engineers with pragmatic capabilities to meet the needs and future needs of industry.
  2. We aim to nurture lifetime learning and care for society.

Core Capabilities

The graduates of undergraduate programs should possess the following core capabilities:

  1. The ability to apply the knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering.
  2. The abilities to design and carry out experiments; to analyze and explain the data.
  3. The technique, skill and ability to use machine tools required in proceeding engineering practices.
  4. The ability to apply innovations in designing engineering systems, components or manufacturing processes.
  5. The ability of project management, communication and teamwork.
  6. The ability to find out, analyze and manage problems.
  7. The abilities to realize the influences of engineering techniques on the environment, society and the Earth and develop continuous learning.
  8. The ability to realize professional ethics and social responsibilities.
  9. The ability to apply a foreign language in this professional field.
  10. The abilities to possess manners and merge them into engineering fields.

Graduate students should possess the following core capabilities:

  1. The professional knowledge and practical techniques of mechatronic integration, precision machines, materials science and energy engineering.
  2. The abilities to plan, design, analyze and carry out research projects.
  3. The ability to write professional papers and technical reports.
  4. The abilities to find problems, solve problems, and carry out R&D.
  5. The ability of teamwork and coordinating integration such as communication, coordination and cooperation with personnel from other fields.
  6. The abilities to realize the globally current issues and to possess a good international perspective.
  7. The abilities to lead, manage, plan and realize professional ethics with social responsibilities.
  8. The abilities to understand advanced technology trends and to cultivate lifelong self-study.