The 12th International Symposium on Advanced Technology (ISAT-12)

Tainan, TAIWAN, November 13-15, 2013


ISAT Committee Members

2013 ISAT special Day trip

Tainan City  Chung Tai World  Lunch: Hot Pot  

Sun Moon Lake Dinner: Traditional Food (Tainan City)

Morning Tour: Chung Tai World




惟覚和尚(ゆいかくおしょう)は仏法を世に広める責任の重大さを感じて、よりよい修行道場で十じっぽう方からの衆しゅじょう生を迎えようと願い、中台禅寺建設の構想を打ち出されました。和尚の悲願に感動を受け、また和尚の叡智にあふれた指導の下で、四衆弟子たち一同が心を合わせ全力を尽くして、和衷協同した結果、1992 年に中台禅寺の建設が着手されました。設計に三年、建設に七年、計十年の歳月を費やして、2001 年9月1日に正式に落成しました。中台禅寺の完成は新しい布教紀元の始まりを意味しているとも言えましょう。
The architecture of Chung Tai Chan Monastery expresses a harmony of the arts, culture, science, and the teachings of the Buddha, and is a wonderful application of the Five Modern Approaches of Buddhism. Soon after the Monastery's completion, it was awarded "The 23rd Annual Taiwan Architecture Award" in 2002, and "The 20th International Award for Lighting Design" in 2003. Having received wide acclaim and recognition, the monastery is a landmark of 21st century religious architecture.


Lunch: Hot Pot


Afternoon tour: Sun Moon Lake cruise



The Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area is praised for its five major recreational systems, including the lake, Shueili River, Puli, Jhuoshuei River and Jiji. The surrounding areas stretch to cover known tourist spots including Taumi, Checheng, Jiji, Shueisheda Mountain, Sangyong Falls, Mingtan Reservoir and Shueili River.
Divided by Lalu Island, the Sun Moon Lake scenic area got its name from the unique terrains that look like sun on one side and crescent moon on the other. Crowned as one of the Eight Wonders of Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake is also the most famous source of hydroelectric power; offering key tourist themes - “high mountain and lake”, “indigenous culture”, and ”nature ecology,” the Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area attracts more than six million visits each year.